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Alchemy UL 13 / 17

Alchemy UL13 and Alchemy UL17 are the brand new, groundbreaking collections of urban accessories from the UK’s Alchemy Carta. UL13, designed by Alchemy Studios and made in Alchemy’s UK workshops, is uniquely Alchemy in its quality and vision, but this time in service to the contemporary, urban, ‘festival’ generation.

Alchemy 13

Designed predominantly with the largely neglected, contemporary male in mind, the UL13 collection is replete with classic and retro tattoo and rock symbolism, biker’s and boarder’s icons, etc, but woven-through with that distinctive Alchemy pedigree.


UL17 - Angelic Accessories ...For girls with REAL style.

If UL13 is the big brother, then UL17 is the sexy sister - the all-girl's feisty take on Alchemy's classic and retro, tattoo and rock-style jewelry.

This edgy Saints and Sinners collection is liberally sprinkled with glittering Swarovski crystals and dazzlingly colorful enamels.