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About Us

2004: We started Alchemy 2000 selling on E-Bay. Like you, we were Alchemy Gothic fans. We wore their jewelry and drank from their goblets and tankards, at least on special occasions. How cool is this, we said, selling the stuff we love to buy,

We became even more excited when we learned that Alchemy's USA offices were located here in Fort Worth, Texas. Even more incredible, they were just blocks away. We being Us, we figured it was Fate!

Fast forward to 2016: This web site is a new venture which we expect will afford you greater flexibility and a more professional environment than previous venues (like certain nameless, over priced auction sites). We can now offer fellow Alchemy fans like you better deals and a greater variety of payment options. 

As we continue growing alongside Alchemy USA, so does our base of happy customers. We offer the fastest shipping of Alchemy of England merchandise anywhere. Looking for a rare item? Alchemy's employees will personally scour their storage room and gladly lift up the cobwebs to locate that rare and discontinued artifact you might seek.

Speed. Service. Our shared love of Alchemy's art and designs. The willingness and the ability to go the extra mile for you, our customers and fellow fans.That, dear reader, is the Alchemy2000 difference.

Merry Meet!

Daniel Weiss
Founder and Alchemy Gothic Fan

Questions? We have answers. If not, we'll help you find a place that does. Call us or email us today.