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AW30 - Triple Goddess Watch by Alchemy of Eng;land

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Time, the cycles of life and the heavens are inextricably linked for eternity. The Triple Goddess of Wicca presides; the face of time is the Mother, the full moon, with the crystal-studded waxing and waning crescents symbolizing the Maiden and the Crone.

A stunning time piece perfect for any occasion!

A chain wristwatch in the form of the triple moon, with the moon's crescents each set with three clear Swarovski crystals.

Inset with a 20mm diameter watch face with quartz crystal movements.

Approximate Dimensions:
H: 51mm (2.01") W: 27mm (1.06") D: 8mm (0.31")
Fine English Pewter, Clear Swarovski Crystals, 20mm Diameter Watch Face

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